Harry Potter and the Curious Dream

Great excitement with the girls this morning. Child One had remembered a dream. This is quite an event, as she is convinced she almost never dreams. Her last one was about tomatoes and a lighthouse, so you can see they are worth waiting for. This one didn’t disappoint. The mild-mannered father of one of her sister’s friends was running amok, driving a car and chasing us and lots of other people, with a view to mowing us all down. Unfortunately, I was too poor to call the police so we were pretty much doomed ….until it all morphed into a Harry Potter scenario.

This, for my girls, is the Dream Dream. They both loved the books and films and we’re all slightly bereft since the series has come to an end. Both of them have occasionally had Harry Potter dreams which, they both agree (miraculous in itself) is the absolute best type of dream you could ever have.  I can imagine it must be lovely; being inside Hogwarts, after knowing it so well in theory, must indeed be a dream come true. And meeting the characters, and being in the story, instead of just watching from the outside … fantastic. Lucky them, I’ve never had a Harry Potter dream.

It turns out they are not alone. A lot of their friends have had Harry Potter dreams as well. It seems to be a bit of a teen phenomenon. I wonder whether J K Rowling knows that she has provided the backdrop to a generation’s dreams, influencing their psyches even when they are asleep. Top of the dreams so far, both Child One and Child Two agreed, was one enjoyed by a very privileged friend a couple of years ago. ‘She went on a date with Ron!’ they marvelled. Did she actually have a crush on Ron beforehand, I wondered? ‘No, not at all, but she said that he was really, really sweet on their date. She’s so lucky,’ they both sighed. Dreamy, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Every girl's dream

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