Have a very Gromit Christmas

I’ve been slightly dreading Christmas this year. For one thing, it only seems like ten seconds since I was burning the mulled wine last year. For another, arrrrrgghhhh! Just arggggggghhhh! Plus it’s only the first week of November, for goodness’ sake. There’s a faint possibility that Christmas won’t even arrive this time.

Ok, fine, I’ve been in denial. But, in the nick of time, something’s turned up which has done the impossible, and actually made me look forward to writing my Christmas cards. It’s these fantastic stamps from the good old Royal Mail, featuring the inimitable Wallace and Gromit:

Hmm, I think Gromit is trying to block out the sound of Wallace’s singing with those earmuffs, don’t you?

Who could resist this stamp, featuring Gromit bowled over with gratitude, ahem, at Wallace’s gift of a natty bone-embellished jumper:

And I think this Christmas pud is just about big enough for them, don’t you? Maybe Shaun the Sheep is coming over later to help them finish it.

Ok, I can’t wait to post my cards this Christmas. Just like Gromit:

Thanks, Royal Mail. An inspired idea. Happy Christmas already!

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