Here come the girls

There are some ads on telly that have me rushing for the off-switch (not that I can ever find the remote when I need it) but there is one, at the moment, that always raises a smile. It’s the Boots ‘here come the girls’ campaign.

It’s partly the great, and incredibly catchy, song, and partly the lovely┬ásense of cameraderie amongst the women office workers, either as they charge off en masse to get ready for the office party or, as in the latest ad, they meet for a girls’ lunch and end up swapping presents even though they’ve said they’re definitely not giving them this year. It’s sweet and very well observed – I’ve lost count of the times I’ve done that.

As well as crafting great ads, Boots do actually sell stuff – they’ve got a huge range of toys and gifts at the moment on a 3 for 2 offer. Well worth checking out. While you’re singing ‘heeeere come the girrrrls,’ of course. Oh no, that song is going to be stuck in my head all blimmin’ day.

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