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As it was the Oscars last night, and magazines will be full of red carpet frock triumphs and disasters for days, I feel it is only right for me to present my own awards.

Naturally, my wardrobe consists, not of chiffon, but of a lot of sturdy elastane. Still, horses for courses, and you won’t get very far in high heels on the school run.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of clothing purchases which have really worked out recently:

Uniqlo legging trousers. These sound scarily like something you might see worn in Shameless, but in fact they look just like skinny jeans, while flexing with you instead of digging in cruelly. They are £14.90, and be warned, they are addictive. Great with boots or ballet pumps. I have three pairs already and am strongly considering a fourth.

Sainsburys cashmere. Yes, really. I steered clear of this for a while, as I have succumbed to supermarket low price cashmere before, and have had all kinds of shrinkage/matting problems. But Sainsburys camel cashmere cardigan, which cost about £30 during a TU 25 per cent off promo, has seen me through the winter very cosily. As good as John Lewis, which from me is quite an accolade.

Jersey dresses from East. My staple, and if you sign up for a newsletter, you get the occasional good offer as well as constant boring mailings which you can just delete. I got one dress for £15 recently, reduced from about £80. Very nice too.

And, on the minus side, I’m afraid it’s over to John Lewis. I bought two of their cable rib woolly dresses, which I thought I’d live in all winter. Sadly it was not to be. One shrank, and the other is very baggy. As Child Two said damningly the other day, ‘not very flattering.’ Shame.

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post. It’s so hard to find hardworking clothes that do the job and look nice while they’re at it. I just thought I’d let you know my recommendations. Please tell me if you have any good ones!

And the best trousers Oscar goes to .... Uniqlo!

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