If the shoe fits ….

A very grown up time yesterday when I met my lovely agent in Selfridges’ new restaurant nestling in the shoe gallery (doesn’t that just sound so sophisticated? Well, it is). I must say it is sheer bliss to talk to someone else about my book. Usually it’s just me, in the still watches of the night, waking myself up with the thought, ‘arg! Why won’t my characters behave?’ Beyond lovely to have someone listen to my ideas, like them, and even think of super-clever ways to make the whole thing better. Sigh.

It reminded me of how much joy people get from simply being listened to. In the olden days, as a feature writer on the Daily Express, I would be the one whisking someone to a swanky lunch or dinner, and get them talking. I would often wonder why they were telling me the things they did – honestly, your toes would curl if I told you the half of it – and then realise there is something just irresistible in being listened to, taken seriously, concentrated upon. They loved it, even though they knew full well I would write up our encounters. I loved it yesterday, not least because the waiter winked at me as I sashayed my way out.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting Claudia Opdenkelder, the President of www.cougarlife.com a massive dating site for cougar women from 35 to 65 and, as they describe it, ‘cub’ men, from 18 to 35. I think it’s going to be fascinating. Claudia seems to be one of these amazing women who looks, and is, crackling with energy, wit, fun and is totally stunning to boot. I know I’m going to come away from the meeting wishing I spent more – ahem, any – time in the gym. But I think I’m going to laugh an awful lot too. If you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask Claudia, fire away and I’ll put them to her tomorrow.

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