In ribbons

Ooops, sorry, I’ve been neglecting you – it’s been half term, that’s one excuse. The other is I’m GETTING MARRIED IN 12 DAYS’ TIME! Eeek!

While, obviously, this is a Good Thing, it is also a rather Stressful Thing. Second weddings ought to be like second children – a little bit more relaxed. But my first wedding was 21 years ago and I’ve forgotten everything – anything – I ever knew about which speech goes where, who sits next to whom and all that malarky. And also, people keep stressing me further by saying things like, ‘….and have you got a fancy cake knife to cut the cake?’ To tell the truth, we don’t exactly even have a cake. We had a hippyish notion idea that we’d get all four children to bake fairy cakes and decorate them as the fancy takes them. Child One greeted this idea with a marked lack of enthusiasm, as she is in the midst of GCSEs. And, I must admit, I am such a slave to organisation/colour co-ordination that I always had the intention of formulating a back-up plan. Unfortunately, I was too distracted by the cake knife question to get on with it. Luckily, though, a very kind friend is stepping in to fill the fairy cake breach. She also pointed out that I’ve been talking about cake knives for weeks, so it’s probably almost time to start stressing about something else.

Ribbon. Yes, I’ll stress about ribbon now. I bought most of the ribbon (don’t ask me why, but this wedding involves a LOT of ribbon) in New York on my lovely Disney trip. It exactly matches the bridesmaids’ frocks and is beautiful. Unfortunately (and you’ll have to imagine me screaming here, as I don’t have a screaming typeface) they don’t do this shade of ribbon in the UK. Even though I need it. So I may have to  *intake of breath* compromise. Or maybe I’ll just force some manufacturer at gunpoint to start making it.

Other than that, it’s all fine. Fine, I tell you. I’m going to lie down now.

Please note, this is not the shade of ribbon required. It is just a stunt ribbon as the real colour is unavailable. Sigh


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