It’s all about politics

Those lovely folk at Ready for Ten asked my offspring to take part in their political meme. Child Two was simply too busy to oblige, but I managed to snatch five minutes with Child One. As you will see, she is really the one who should be voting tomorrow, not me, as she is ten times more sensible and savvy. Oh, and as she’d no doubt add, she’s better dressed too. Sigh. Take it away, Child One:

Why are we having an election?

 Because the prime minister has to call an election every four years. Doh!

 If you were allowed to vote on Thursday who would you pick and how would you decide?

 I would not vote Conservative, because I do not like their policies and I don’t like David Cameron. So it would be between Labour and Lib Dem. I don’t know who really.

 And what laws do you think the new government should bring in?

 I think they should do more stuff for state schools because I think they are really important. And I think the environment should be tackled because our parents’ generation isn’t doing anything – it’s not their problem so they haven’t sorted it out. They’re trying to ignore the problem and it will all be down to us. It will all be on our heads.

 Should children be allowed to vote and why?

 No, some children don’t understand enough about politics. Even I don’t know everything about it and I think you have to be old enough. It’s like saying, don’t you think children should drink alcohol – NO! They might just tick random boxes and it would be invalid. I think half the adults in the country do  that anyway, so children would be a nightmare.

 *Please feel free to add in your own eye-rollings, yawns, cries of ‘doh!’ and tut-tuts whenever you feel the need, in order to get the full interview-with-a-teenager experience

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