It’s Review Time

As promised, here’s my review of some of the new products I was given at the Look Good, Feel Better makeover session I went to at the Haven. These are things that I wouldn’t necessarily have picked up for myself, so it was really interesting to be able to try them. Some have become firm favourites already.

  1. Dramatically Different Plus moisturising lotion from Clinique, £15. This was my favourite moisturiser way back in the mists of time when I was a student. Goodness knows how I afforded it, although of course we didn’t have to pay £9,000 a year tuition fees in those days and there was even a fair chance of employment on graduation …. anyway, it worked fine until I was in my mid- twenties, but I gradually moved to thicker creams to keep the lines at bay. I tried it this time not expecting it to make a jot of difference to my by now quite parched skin, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Maybe it’s the new ‘Plus’ in the title? The fluid, the same odd yellow as of yore, is just as thin as it used to be but seems somehow to have developed more staying power. It’s very light on the skin (unlike some of the creamier formulations I’ve tried) and sinks in rapidly, but also seems to last. Quite a cunning trick. I will definitely buy this again. clinique
  2. Rimmel Stay Blushed Cheek Tint in Sunkissed Cherry, £4.49. I would never have stumbled across this cheek tint as it is years since I’ve troubled the Rimmel counter. Maybe it’s the advertising, with annoying It Girl types like Kate Moss or that Jagger child with the gappy teeth, but I associate the brand with boozy nights, ill-advised kebabs and street corner brawls. Very unfair, I know, but there we are. Anyway, this cream blusher was surprisingly good. It has a gel-type consistency and a lovely natural colour (‘altercation with a taxi driver’ pink, maybe?). As usual, the problem with a cream blush is its staying power, and this lasted better on my hand than on my cheek, but still made it through most of the day. rimmel
  3. L’Oreal Million Lashes, £9.99. This is another one I wouldn’t have tried, as thanks to my lovely friend Jeanette I am now a slave to Eyeko mascara. But I did really like this L’Oreal one. It was a little gloopy but rubbing a finger over the lashes helps them to fan out nicely and removes the clumps. Sounds awful, and leaves your finger covered in inky muck, but the lashes look quite nice.
  4. No 7 Stay Perfect eye palette in Good Earth, £9.99. You can buy great big boxes of eye colours from all the big make-up brands these days to create the must-have ‘smokey eye.’ There are three beautiful collections from Urban Decay alone, which are hugely covetable, and cost around £36 a go. Make Up Revolution (from Superdrug) does almost the same 32 shades, for just £8. But all you really need are three colours, so why not get this little set from Boots? Put the lightest colour all over the lid, the second shade around the socket and the darkest close to your lash line. Now blend. It couldn’t be simpler, really. boots
  5. Lancome Teint Miracle foundation, £29.50. Nearly £30 is a lot to pay for a foundation, but this is a really good one. The large outlay on posh foundations does really stop me experimenting, which is a shame as this is a great product, and there must be loads more out there. Gives a nice dewy finish, not heavy on the skin, and I liked the shade, which considering it came out of a random bag marked ‘medium’, is very lucky indeed. Maybe that’s the ‘miracle’ bit. Good

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