clever little capsules

It’s review time

I love getting surprises in the post. These days it’s more likely to be things I’ve forgotten I’ve ordered than actual genuine presents out of the blue, but it’s exciting all the same.

So I was very thrilled to get a huge box from coffee folk Carte Noire. We’ve had an Nespresso machine for years. I confess I really prefer cafetiere coffee, as it’s a bit less aggressive, but TL loves his espressos and was my (reasonably happy) guinea pig. His reservation was that he is quite attached to his Veluto Nespresso capsules (the purple ones) and wasn’t certain that anything could take their place.

clever little capsules

But he was won over by Carte Noire’s No 9, whereas I quite liked the much gentler No 3 with three shots of water added. They are nifty little capsules, compatible with all Nespresso machines bought before July 1st 2013 and most bought after that date. They are made of plastic, rather than aluminium, which I would imagine makes them easier to recyle and, best of all, they are about 5p per capsule cheaper than the originals.

Thank goodness, you can pick up these capsules in your supermarket, instead of paying postage online or trekking into one of the Nespresso stores ( and I have NEVER met George Clooney in one). It’s win-win – clever old Carte Noire.

Is that a Carte Noire George is drinking?
Is that a Carte Noire George is enjoying?

Meanwhile, I was not only expecting the next package that arrived, I was virtually sitting on the doormat with my mouth hanging open. Because Cadbury’s sent us a dozen Creme Eggs to test.

OK, you might well think that ‘testing’ a Creme Egg is a little redundant, given that they have been going since 1971 and considering my thorough, nay exhaustive, approach to sampling chocolate products. ┬áBut, dear reader, Cadbury’s asked me – and was I going to say no? Well, exactly. Saying no to Cadbury’s would be like cutting my own hand off. But much, much, much worse.

You have to break a few Creme Eggs to test a batch properly ....
You have to break a few Creme Eggs to test a batch properly ….


I did kind of say that the four children would be doing the testing. Well, indeed they will – if there are any Creme Eggs left after my own researches are completed. It could take some time. So far, I can confirm that my favourite bit is still the thick chocolate at the bottom of the egg, under the goo. Mmm mm mmmm. Cadbury’s, if you want us to test anything else, just ask. Day or night. I’ll be on the doormat. And I might even let the kids have a go.

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