Life of Riley

Well, here we are in week two of the half term and I have descended into full teenage behaviour patterns, getting up at 12, slopping around in my dressing gown, and complaining when asked to do anything. Meanwhile, Child One is revising night and day for her dreaded GCSEs and Child Two is getting on with watching every rubbish TV show under the sun while I’m asleep. I’m going to have to Get a Grip. And fast.

But it is fantastic not having to do battle with the South Circular every day on the school run. And little Bingo loves my dressing gown, I think it reminds him of his mummy. He likes to cuddle up to it and lick it, which is frankly a bit yucky. If anything ought to spur me on to get dressed and get on with life, it’s definitely that. Heigh ho.

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