Lipstick is power

A text bleeps its way to me in the night. It is my dear friend L, with sad tidings. On our last shopping trip together, I cunningly identified the perfect lipstick for her in lovely Space Nk Apothecary in Richmond. Would she buy it? No, the sun was in the wrong part of the heavens, the wind was coming from the West and there was an R in the day, therefore she couldn’t get it right there and then like any sensible person would. Instead, she waited until it was out of stock. I sent her a link to buy it on line, but she was still unable to commit. She then hung about until she was invited to a swanky do and needed the lipstick as a matter of the utmost urgency. It was, naturally, still out of stock so she bought a rough equivalent.

Of course, my dears, we all know that there is no such thing. A lipstick is either the right lipstick – or the Wrong Lipstick. Inevitably, so the sad text told me, the replacement lipstick was definitely a mistake. The party was a dead loss.

Naturally, I have stepped in to salvage the situation before a real tragedy occurs and the rest of L’s life is blighted by an unfortunate lipstick choice. It could so easily happen. But a wave of my magic wand, and the right lipstick is on its way over. A girl has to get her priorities right.

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