Little book of treasures

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Life seems full of lovely treats at the moment – as it always should be, I feel – and one of the nicest has been this Little Book Of Necklaces, below:

I bought one of these books a while ago for Child Two when her earring collection threatened to overrun the world and either the back of one precious favourite would go missing, or the whole earring itself would be AWOL and there would be huge search parties sent out all over the house. Of course, I wanted one myself but being a selfless mama (in my dreams at least) I saved my pennies prudently.

Now I have very kindly been offered one to review, and am thrilled to get my hands on it. Mine is the necklace version. I have to say my necklace storage problems have been somewhat reduced by the evil tealeaf in our midst (and more of that soon) but, despite their best efforts, I do have a few things still to put away tidily.

The earring book I got for Child Two has clever foam pages pierced so you can stud them with your earrings and keep them neatly arranged with their backs on. The necklace book works similarly, with a row of leather prongs at the top that you drape your necklace around, with the choice of then looping the chain round the page or tucking the pendant through the chain via one of the window-like apertures. It’s all rather cunning.

I also love the fact that the company is Dulwich-based (always a guarantee of quality bien sur). It also does lots of other smart little jewellery contrivances that you can peruse here. In fact, if you have a clueless loved one who either hasn’t realised Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, or who is flailing in the headlights of that dread date, then why not leave this post out for them to find as a very subtle hint?

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