Memory Lane, now where is that again?

I’m having a lot of trouble with my memory at the moment – I can’t remember whether I’ve told you that already – see what I mean?

I’ve gradually got used to not remembering the plots of the various rom coms I watch with Child 1 and Child 2, which I think is allowable, if not totally understandable. I’ve let myself off not remembering a word of the huge recent bestseller Girl on a Train, because I was reading it in hospital and how on earth can one concentrate? I’m even resigned to losing my car in supermarket carparks because I just can’t remember at all where on earth I put it. I have Weightier Matters on my mind. But I was taken aback when chatting to Child 2 the other day when she suddenly looked confused and said, ‘you’ve just said that!’

Oh dear. Maybe I really am losing it? One of the ‘advantages’ (cough) of malignant melanoma was that I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about getting Alzheimer’s in my old age. But what if Alzheimer’s has the last laugh, and I get it prematurely? That would be awful. I think maybe it’s all just the effects of a general anaesthetic, lasting a bit longer than I thought …..yes, yes, that’s definitely it. Phew.

Now, what was I saying?

I tied this knot to remember something ... now what was it?
I tied this knot to remember something … now what was it?

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