My teenage daughters – and even my nine-year-old stepdaughter – love those self-help videos you get on YouTube offering make-up tips. They are pretty much addicted to them. And, I admit, I’ve seen a fair few myself and find they’re usually helpful and often funny (intentionally or not).

It struck me that there was no-one my age out there showing ladies of, ahem, more mature years what might work for them. Let’s face it, it’s one thing slapping on glittery eyeshadow when you’re fifteen. Anything, frankly, looks good on most 15-year-olds. In later years, there are things that you need to avoid, and things which can really help, and not much advice out there. Maybe the assumption is that we all know what we’re doing by a certain birthday. I don’t think that ‘s true. I think some people get stuck in a rut (and may well be still wearing purple blusher from the 1980s) and some are so scared of looking stupid that they just give up entirely.

Well, ta-dah, I’ve decided to fill the gap. Here I am, in my dressing gown in my bathroom at home, explaining the joys of Bare Minerals’ latest offering, Bareskin Foundation:

Hope you like it. If you do, then I’ll be back, to demonstrate a bit of eye make-up. I was thinking, a big-night-out face, and then maybe a day-at-the-office face. What do you think?

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