I don’t often run out of things to say. I’ve been blathering on this site since 2006, for goodness’ sake. Thank goodness blogs aren’t printed, or a lot of innocent trees would have sacrificed themselves for me.

But here we are, in the depths of November, and London is grey, drizzly and frankly pretty uninspiring. It’s the weather you will all have seen in the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. I complained to my girls, ‘but the weather is never like that here,’ as Bond, M, Q and the rest of the Scrabble board got wet and miserable around an uncharacteristically sombre London. I spoke too soon, of course. The weather has been &*%^ ever since.

There’s plenty that should be said, or could be said. I’m just not in the mood for self-revelation. It’s too damn chilly. I need all my woolly layers around me at the moment, physically and psychically.

Let’s have a nice picture of a cute kitten to look at instead, thanks to

Waiter, there's a .... on second thoughts, don't bother

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