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Hello and welcome to the gorgeous Muddling Along Mummy, who is my guest for the day. It’s a wonder I’m still speaking to her, actually, as she got invited to the film premiere I so wanted to go to …..but she’s so lovely, and such a brilliant writer, that I forgive her everything. Big thanks to Littlemummy for organising Guest Post Day! Now read on ….

Wow!  Stretches out, looks around, strokes Mme Bovary…
Isn’t it nice over here!
When I grow up I think I’d like a blog like this!
So thank you to the lovely Dulwich Divorcee who is spending the day over at my blog [].
I dithered about what to write and then realised that this is Friday morning and I’m freed from my embargo and can write about Sex and the City 2 – the movie.

sex and the city
On Tuesday night I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive preview of the film. Somehow I was going to be able to watch the film a whole two days before anyone else in the whole of the UK.
As you can imagine I dithered and then replied saying yes please I’d like to come (I can’t actually imagine that they had a lot of people turn them down!).
It was a wonderful evening – champagne, cocktails and lots of lovely ladies in fabulous frocks and footwear.   
The short review is that initially I loved the film – it was all that I remembered the programme as being; clothes, shoes, story lines that I could sort of relate to.
But yet something rang a bit wrong.  
Yes the girls are going through issues we can all recognise, learning to live as a married couple, the difficulties of raising two small children, issues with a terrible boss and the menopause, but these weren’t real life people coping with these issues.
Oh no – these were women failing to cope with having two children whilst having full time childcare.  Uh huh because how much harder is it in the real world when you don’t have someone there 24/7 to whisk away the children when they leave dirty handprints on your vintage skirt (I mean does any mother actually wear anything dry clean only whilst with her children, isn’t that just asking for trouble?).  Failing to deal with not eating out and living the high life every night, failing to get the right complex cocktail of hormones to stave off hot flushes.
But then I remembered that Sex and the City isn’t about absolute reality because it wasn’t back then in the days when it was just a series.

What it is, is something that resonates because it take issues from our own lives and clothes them in Louis Vuitton, Channel, Gucci.  It gives them shoes from Jimmy Choo, Manolo and Gina,.  It gives them an apartment that there is no way they could afford on their earnings.
Yes Sex and the City is about fantasy and if you accept that it’s a lot fun.
And there is a message that I liked, a message that friendships can survive the shockwaves that come from our lives evolving and changing and that is in those friendships that we find the support and love we need to ground ourselves and to take time to enable us to go back to our changed lives reminded of who we really are.
Or alternatively its a big advertisement for Abu Dhabi that they’d bought without realising quite what they were getting into….



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