Off with their ….

I felt so sorry to hear that the MP Simon Danczuk is suffering from depression after all his work to expose historic child sexual abuse. It is hardly surprising, but very sad nonetheless. I feel that everyone is tainted by this awful abuse, apart from the abusers themselves, who seem to have no souls, so cannot feel how disgusting and loathsome they are.

I really would, almost, bring back the death penalty for anyone convicted of child abuse. Why not? These people seem often to have very little sense that they have committed crimes, and having them at large, even after lengthy prison sentences, is a risk. But I don’t believe in capital punishment. So maybe we should ask the victims if they’d like to castrate their abusers? With rusty knives, maybe, or blunt instruments of some sort.

I’m sure a lot of those who’ve been abused would shy away from the violence. They could just push a button attached to a guillotine, quite an efficient way to chop off unwanted bits, as the French discovered during their revolution. But some might like a chance to get even in as visceral a way as possible. And the thought of the possibility of bloody and agonising revenge might, perhaps, put some people off starting to abuse in the first place. Just a thought.

And, in the meantime, get well soon, Simon Danczuk, and thanks for all your work on this horrible issue.


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