Pink Lady

I was tootling through Tooting this morning on my way to work, through the dark November drizzle, the nasty big buses and the grumpy commuters, when I came across this lovely sight:

pink bike

That is surely the only way to travel through Tooting – on a sugar pink bike, wearing sugar pink bike leathers, with a swirly girly pink helmet and, I don’t know if you can see it, but a pink and yellow artificial flower stuck to the handlebar of the bike. And yes, she was wearing little pink boots too.

Wow! What chutzpah! I immediately started to rethink my own drab wardrobe ….though I am not sure Dulwich is ready for me in pink. Still, she really brightened up my day. I don’t know¬†what the ethics are of snatching a picture of someone through the windscreen and just sticking it on a blog (though I should say yes officer, I was stationary at the time, traffic is almost always stationary in Tooting) but she certainly didn’t look like a shrinking violet so I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

She brightened up my day, hope it works with yours.

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