One I prepared earlier ....
One I prepared earlier ….

I think it’s really important to keep trying to move forward. I want to get a lot of projects sorted out which will move me smoothly into the future, and out of a present where I keep nervously checking bits of my body for sinister developments.

My first idea was to get on with an extension we have been thinking about ever since we moved into this house. Ok, we have only been here four years, and in that time we have completely revamped the kitchen and garden. That is already a lot. But we still need to address the fact that the kitchen, being a lower ground floor space, is very dark, and access to our lovely south-facing garden is down a nasty concreted passageway which rarely sees the sun and seems to be instant death to any plant I put there. We probably should have done something a lot more radical with garden access when we were doing the kitchen, but at the time it seemed like a massive enough project, filling in unexpected enormous holes in the floor, taking out walls and propping stuff up. I don’t think we could have done any more at the time.

We’ve had a lovely architect draw up some plans, but his ideas, while beautiful, are eye-wateringly expensive. You could actually build an entire small house for the money. I’m not sure that the plans will add enough to the value of the house to make the scheme economically viable.

There are cheaper ways to do what we want, but will we always be a bit sad that we compromised, and didn’t quite build the house of our dreams? It’s a hard one. I’m wrestling. In the meantime, I might crochet another blanket to keep myself busy. It’s a longterm project, right?


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