Schools of thought

Just when you think you’ve got your children settled at school and you can forget all that application/interview/exam nonsense … they turn 16 and decide, off their own bats, to start the whole blimmin process off again. Or that’s what Child One is doing.

On one hand, I applaud her industry, researching, downloading, filling in and applying. On the other hand – by far the biggest hand – I like the school she attends now. The teachers in the subjects she’s considering for A level are all great. What’s more, it’s an all-girls school, which I think is excellent, aiding maximum concentration at an age when those ridiculous wastes of time, boys, start rearing their ugly heads.

There’s also, of course, the risk that not all applications succeed, though obviously I think she’s more than capable of getting in to every school she’s set her heart on. But it’s all a big hassle and I do so love a quiet life. Ho hum.

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