Sexy ladies

I got the shock of my life when I popped in to tend my blog last night. There, just under my last post, was a large advert with a banner headline saying: ‘Sexy Arab Ladies.’ I must admit I did a double-take. How on earth had that got there? I am used to seeing the little Google ads running above the most recent post, a lot of which advertise moth killer or duvet cleaning services, which I find quite quaint and funny. Advertising sexy Arab ladies is quite another matter. Apart from anything else, it seems really racist.

I immediately removed the ad, but not before noticing that it had made $0.17 in one day. For me, this is a total fortune – I think in the whole of last year, I probably made $6 with my moth and duvet act. Nevertheless, I think I’ll stay poor but happy – and honest.

I must admit I am baffled by the whole thing. No doubt I did click some button somewhere which enabled ads within the blog itself instead of just the small lines of type at the top. But I am sure I would have asked for content appropriate to the blog. Could those chaps at GoogleAds somehow have misunderstood my references to ‘my girls’ or to my own eternal search for True Love? Do they imagine I am running some sort of brothel in the leafy confines of Dulwich? Are my tales of angst at the school gates being looked on as some sort of extremely bizarre kinky foreplay?

Even if I were the madam of the world’s least successful house of ill fame, I can’t imagine who would come to my blog to replenish their stock of sexy ladies, of whatever racial background. The vast majority of my readers are women, mostly with children in tow. Occasionally, very, very occasionally, a man does reveal himself by leaving a comment, but I usually scare him away in double-quick time with my effortless natural talent at man-repelling. I don’t think many of them hang around long enough to start feeling that they are in the mood for, ahem, lurrrve. If, though, the ad was for Sexy Women who can do the gardening or take the rubbish out, then maybe some of us ladies would be interested in a helping hand. No double entendres intended! Otherwise, forget it, Google ads.

Now, who’s going to own up to clicking on that ad?

Right, I’m off to Argos to get a spade. Yes, it’s non-stop sexy glamour escort girls here, I tell you. Just got to switch that red light off on the way out ….

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