Shades of Grey

It was my book club meeting this week, and our lovely hostess for the night was a little worried. “I burned our cake, left it in the oven too long …..”

The cake was completely delicious and not overdone at all. It was a lovely crumble-style affair with a pistachio and hazelnut topping, cinnamon inside and even a layer of pastry. I’m going to have to Google the recipe, it was so good. And yes, I did momentarily slip from my sugar-free status, but it was worth it. Gorgeous. But it is not like our hostess (Cordon Bleu trained, we definitely enjoy her evenings) to forget what’s cooking. Eventually, she confessed. “I was watching Grey’s Anatomy. You know, the one where her best friend turns up ……”

I was thrilled. I’m completely addicted to Grey’s Anatomy too, and had in fact that very evening burned TL’s supper because I was watching the Season Six finale. I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice to say it is very gripping, much MUCH more gripping than the bit when the best friend turns up. I’m very pleased that our hostess was a season behind me as otherwise our cake would have been a small pile of cinders. I was terrified that it was the last episode ever, but Child 2 reassured me that I still have five more seasons to get through, assuming my brain lasts that long.

It’s a shame, now that we all watch stuff online, that we are losing that communal, ‘did you see the show last night?’ discussion thing. I struggle to remember what happened several seasons ago (and even in the episode I watched this morning) but I do love the fact that we’re all watching the same programmes, even if we’re not on the same page, as it were. ¬†And yes, we did eventually get round to discussing the book. It was Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence, starring the wonderful Countess Olenska. Way more of a drama queen than even Meredith Grey and, I’m sorry Meredith, but a lot more memorable.


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