I love Tara’s gallery but I can’t often enter. My pictures are always rubbish, you see, and I never put photos of my children on my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great when other people post photos of their families and I absolutely love to see them, but it just doesn’t feel right for me. Plus my girls are of an age to object – violently.

So that leaves me with – well, me. It probably seems egotistical (and someone writing a blog about themselves can’t possibly be egotistical, can they? Nooooooo) but I do really like this picture. It’s not, ahem, the best of me ever taken, but it is an honest one, and my smile says a lot. It was taken by Child Two, just after I had finished the final revision of my novel. I look proud, relieved, happy and, frankly, knackered. And yep, I’m still in my dressing gown.

Pretty typical really.

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