Snappy snaps

Although I have friends who think I am virtually a geek, as I have a blog and know one end of a laptop from the other, I’ll let you into a secret. Most technology bores me to tears. I see it all as a means to an end, to write a story or show a pretty picture, and I’m sure most people are the same.

In fact, I’m often rather glad when a social media platform bites the dust, as they often do (Google wave, anyone?) as it means one less thing to bother my head with. I’ve struggled to understand the point of Pinterest, to name only one insanely popular gizmo. Unless you are building a kitchen from scratch, why would you need to assemble a whole bunch of pictures of taps? Especially really fancy ones which you probably can’t even buy.

But I do quite like Instagram. As Child One pointed out, concentrating a bit on my photos in order to put them on Instagram has actually improved my photography. Admittedly from a very low starting point. From routinely wonky or blurry snaps, I now produce the odd picture which isn’t really too bad. My top tips are:

  1. remove clutter from the background of your photos. It’s amazing how much difference this one makes.
  2. don’t forget you can crop out random passers-by or less photogenic bits from your pics.
  3. try not to take wonky photos! But if you do, don’t worry, you can correct the angle, either on your iPhone itself or by downloading an app.

So I was quite enjoying being a bit less hopeless with photos. But, unfortunately, I’ve been stymied by another bit of technology. My iPhone is jammed up with all the photos I’ve been taking to put on Instagram. So, to liberate a bit of storage, I had to delete the Instagram app from my phone. Which has meant that I’ve had nowhere to upload all my reasonably good photos to. Yes, I could do it all on my laptop, but then I’d have to upload all the pics from my phone to my laptop, and the air drop thingy never works (see what I mean about not really being a geek?) and it’s all too much of a faff…


So this afternoon, I’m finally going to download the photos from my phone onto my laptop. Whether my laptop will now join the chorus and say that it has no storage, I don’t know. But if you’ve been worrying that you haven’t seen me on Instagram lately, then this will suffice both to explain the reason and to announce that I’ll soon be back. See you there.

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