Someone needs a holiday ….

Thank goodness, we are entering calmer waters. The exams are over, my stomach seems to have stopped burbling, and the summer unfolds. But, naturally, it’s complicated. As well as four adults who seldom agree on anything, we now have two trainee grown-ups in our midst who have Made Their Own Travel Plans. So, no sooner is anything pencilled in the diary, than it is angrily crossed out by one or other of us.

So far two major trips have been nixed by all this business and, while I do not begrudge anyone their trip to a muddy field, sorry, fabulous festival, I do remember how much easier it was to plan a holiday before you had to consult half the population.

I’ve toyed for years with the idea of getting one of those world domination-style wall charts so I can plot troop movements to my heart’s content. But I’ve never got round to ordering one. That probably gives you some idea of my organisational strengths.

My conclusions range from thinking, it would be much easier if no one went on holiday, ever, to musing that things will be simpler when one or two young adults leave the nest. But no, that’s the last thing I want. Even if it gives me a holiday from planning holidays.

Meanwhile, Child One has just left for a few days at Eurodisney with friends. Sigh. Give my love to Micky, darling.



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