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Thanks so much for all your sympathy over poor Child Two’s GCSE travails. As you now know, the school make the whole of Year 9 take one of their exams early. They are only 14, and it’s not even a subject that she would particularly want to take at 16. But there we are, it’s compulsory.

You’d think, as they are so young, and the rule is that they have to do all the coursework for the exam in school, that the teachers would remind them to save all their work on their silly little memory sticks. But no, apparently not. Child Two said they did get reminded at the beginning, but then I suppose the teachers assumed the message had sunk in. Well, not with Child Two. She didn’t save or back anything up, and lost all her coursework when the stupid stick became corrupted. Of course I’m not blaming the teachers for Child Two’s mistake ….. oh, what am I talking about, of course I am. She’s 14, they are supposed to be experts in the subject and they are supposed to be supervising all the work. Harrumph.

Despite me throwing money at the problem, we didn’t manage to retrieve all the data from the stick. Where are secret agents when you need them? These SIS folk always recover every bit of info from wiped, crashed or lost computers with a flick of the wrist ,on Spooks, Homeland or whatever. Anyway, it seems MI5 was too busy stuffing troublesome agents into holdalls to help poor Child Two. My computer man did manage to retrieve some very odd bits of tourist information about London, written in German, from the stick, but that wasn’t an enormous help with the GCSE. In the end, Child Two has had to be put on the ‘short course’, which will end up getting her half a GCSE in a subject, which won’t even count when she thinks about applying for other schools or colleges (now looking like a distinct possibility).

Deep breath. Child Two’s early GCSE ordeal is nearly over. Meanwhile, Child One is doing about eleven of the blighters, starting next week. Arghhhhhh!

nasty little things

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