Sublime vs the ridiculous quest

Time for a beauty update. I’ve been religiously slapping on the La Roche Posay pore tightener – but tragic to tell, you really wouldn’t know. I wot’t say that looking into my pores is like staring into a black hole, but unlike black holes, my pores are definitely there and visible to the naked eye. Bit of a disappointment, after all the hype I’ve read, but maybe it works better on teenage skin.

So disappointed was I that, as I was waiting for the Eurostar back to London at the weekend, a new product caught my eye. Now I’m always telling the girls to finish their box of cereal/novel/toothpaste before I’ll even contemplate buying them a new one. But in my (totally ridiculous) quest for the pores of a tiny child, I’m ashamed to say I succumbed to temptation. It was in the l’Occitane shop, which you would think would be quite safe – I didn’t even know they did skincare. But, alas for my purse, they do. Amongst the heavenly Vetiver range (my favourite if you are worrying about what to get me for Christmas) and the delicious lavender handwash (also a very acceptable gift since you ask) was a new range of lotions and potions, including Sublime Essence. Well, what a name. Obviously it’s going to do exactly what it says on the little bottle – be sublime. And so it should, at a price I’m not even going to mention as it was so shocking and I’m ashamed. If you email me, I’ll tell you.

Anyway, this Sublime Essence promised, amongst other things, to smooth over my pores like a fairy godmother’s magic wand. Every blemish was about to disappear. I was very excited. It went on smoothly, on cleansed skin, under moisturiser. It smelt like a summer meadow. It sank in without trace and made my skin feel silky. I think it may have made a difference to a sun spot on my nose – hooray! But did it work on the dreaded pores? No, sadly, I cannot say it really did. The pores are there, now smelling divine, but still present. It’s possible the product may have a cumulative effect, and I’ve only been using it for ten days, so I’ll keep you up to date in case they do suddenly vanish. Fingers crossed.

Will no one rid me of these tiresome pores? So far, Kiehl’s Rare Earth freebie sachet has come the closest. I may just have to invest in a bottle. Once I’ve got over the shock of the sublime.

Sublime: Or is it?

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