Natives of New York

I was in New York about four years ago for the launch of  Disney cruise ship Fantasy – what a lark that was! – and spent some time with a lovely friend who lives an effortlessly glamorous lifestyle in the Downtown area. She took me to the Ace Hotel which had then just opened and was …

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Grand designs

I keep on having strange dreams. Last night, I dreamed that a friend, who a few years ago had her entire kitchen revamped, had suddenly knocked down the whole lot and replaced everything with a very odd, corridor-like extension. She was now having a corridor-warming party that we were all at, and, after squeezing past …

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Facebook friends

I always check my junk email folder in case I have won a £10 million lottery prize and unaccountably forgotten to claim it. Today, I found something there which was even more unlikely. ‘Pinetastic Furniture wants to be your friend on Facebook!’ shrilled the email. Well, no it doesn’t. Pinetastic Furniture does not want to …

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