Grand designs

I keep on having strange dreams. Last night, I dreamed that a friend, who a few years ago had her entire kitchen revamped, had suddenly knocked down the whole lot and replaced everything with a very odd, corridor-like extension. She was now having a corridor-warming party that we were all at, and, after squeezing past a lot of people, I eventually came face to face with Carrie Fisher. Yes, Carrie Fisher of strange bun-shaped, ear-muff style plaits. She turned out to be my hostess’s half sister. In the dream, at any rate. Also, the garden was now up a hill and my friend had planted a huge number of trees, which anyone could have told her were soon going to overshadow everything and make her corridor extension very dark.

What on earth does it all mean, except that I have strong opinions about other people’s grand designs, even when I’m asleep? And possibly, also, that I need a holiday?

Very odd. Carrie Fisher was charming, though. Lovely to meet her.

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