Tesco New Price Drop – win £50 voucher

My clever friends at Tesco have found a way to help all of us struggling with the price of even basic food these days. I read an article in the Observer over the weekend, for example, saying the price of eggs is going to go up by 70 per cent over the next few weeks. Yikes! That’s serious news, in a house mostly fuelled by egg-laden cupcakes.

Tesco started its Big Price Drop last year but is now – ta-da – introducing the New Price Drop – where, basically, YOU get a chance to nominate the food you’d like to see reduced in price yourself. Finally, the supermarkets have cottoned on to the fact that it’s mostly mothers who do the shopping, so they have a better idea than anyone of what’s actually needed in the nation’s storecupboards. So simple, so clever – so pop over to the Tesco Facebook page , click the ‘vote’ button, and help me to reduce the price of eggs get your own special favourite (or at least the category it’s in, like vegetables, yogurt or, ahem, chocolate) knocked down in price.

To make things more interesting, the Tesco folk are offering a delicious £50 Tesco voucher to one of my lovely band of (UK resident) readers. That’s a big basket of shopping all paid for, courtesy of good old Teskies. All you need to do is cast your Facebook vote, then come back here and tell me which product you’ve gone for. Peasy! I’ll pick a name out of my special shopping hat. Get voting and good luck x

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