Thanks Tesco Real Food

Well, off I went to Cybermummy 11 and good fun it was too, so thank you so much to Tesco Real Food for my ticket.

I’m not sure if I’m really a conference person, though. The bits I enjoyed were meeting blogging friends, eating cupcakes, eating the lunch (is there a theme developing here?) and ferreting through my freebie bag later. I probably shouldn’t admit to that last bit, though. I only listened to one of the big speeches (Rachel Johnson, who was very funny). The workshop starring the lovely Erica from Littlemummy was great, and also featured Nathalie Lue from Baggage Reclaim, who seems to put the capital S into Savvy. It was also interesting to hear from Tara Cain and the Crumbs sisters that finding a niche is the way to go. In fact, ‘niche’ seemed pretty much the key word of the day. That, and ‘cupcake’, of course.

It was all beautifully organised and the venue was perfect. Intriguing day. And a big, big thank you to the lovely Tesco Real Food. Oooh, while setting up that link I’ve just seen a recipe for cheese and ham muffins. Sounds delish. Maybe┬áTesco could do the┬ácatering next year?

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