The Disney Fantasy part 1

Well, I’m back from my wonderful Disney trip to New York, safe, sound – and thoroughly, utterly and completely spoiled. I was with Disney PRs Nikki and Laura, Lydia from Virgin Holidays and a really lovely group of journalists.

We spent many happy hours making up James Bond/food mash-up film titles (the best was ‘Fiiiiishfiiiiinger’, though Dr Naan and The Spy who Loved Meat were up there too) while being bussed from meal to meal and, of course, oooh-ing and ah-ing over the Disney Fantasy, the latest and swankiest Disney cruise ship. It’s a truly spectacular floating play palace which offers just about the best 7-day family holiday that anyone could imagine. Seriously. I’m not one of nature’s cruisers – I could easily get claustrophobic conpletely alone in the Gobi desert – but, for the first time, I totally saw the point of a family cruise holiday. When I described it to my children, all of them were gagging to go, from the 16-year-old to my five-year-old stepson. And there’s stuff for adults, too – posh restaurants, a grown-ups only pool and a stunning spa.

I could rave on about it for hours, but instead I’ll let my photos do the talking. Yes, for once, I managed to get a few decent snaps. Enjoy.


Cheers! We get off to a great start as we are upgraded to Virgin's Upper Class by lovely Virgin Holidays
Here we are, fresh from the airport, in a typical New York scenario (a traffic jam)


The super-soothing stairway at the Ace Hotel


Off for our tour of the magnificent Disney Fantasy. Our first glimpse doesn't disappoint - the stunning foyer, complete with peacock feather carpet and giant chandelier


This is not just a picture, but a mural featuring millions of tiny hand-set mosaic stones. It's in the children's waterplay area near the enormous Aquaduck ride


No, this isn't a new seamonster a la Ursula in Ariel - it's a hand-blown, Murano glass sculpture outside adults-only restaurant Palo on board the Fantasy. It's supposed to represent all the different types of pasta .... not sure whether those Disney wags were joking 🙂




A treatment bed in the adults-only Senses spa on the Fantasy - but you can't book this one, it's reserved for me 🙂

I think you can see how it’s all developing, can’t you? The Fantasy really is a fantasy boat if you want to have quality time with your children, then avoid them in grown-up restaurants and the spa. Of course, there’s proper babysitting available for the kids – no one is left to get cabin fever.


Anyway, that’s enough for today, more of my adventures tomorrow – don’t want you to get as spoiled as me, do we? See you in the morning.




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