The Gallery – Grandparents

This week lovely Tara’s Gallery theme is Grandparents. In my case, it’s more specifically Grandmother. My grandmother was one of those larger-than-life people who cannot get on a bus without making friends with the people sitting next to her, the people down the other end, and the conductor too. She was the life and soul. She also loved me. And I loved her …..and chocolate. Even then. So my grandmother would spend hours making chocolate cakes with me after school. She must have got fed up. She must have grumbled about getting the right ingredients in, time and time again. The mess! The expense! The time! But I got none of that. I just got cake …. and chocolate. And love.

She died over ten years ago now but I still miss her. And I think of her when I bake a cake. Which is often. Funnily enough, they’re not always chocolate cakes. This one is half coffee and walnut, half raspberry and creme fraiche. We can’t agree on flavours here. But we can agree on the tremendous importance of cake. And love.


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