The golden ticket

Well, another friend’s daughter has gone off to university today. When I popped round yesterday, there was a huge pile of all her worldly goods – all the ones wanted on this part of her voyage, anyway – by the front door. Among them was a pin board with a picture of one of her birthday parties when she was in Year Four – about eight years old. My own daughter, Child Two, was in the picture. They’d all come as characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (what can I say – this friend threw the most amazing children’s parties. I, meanwhile, used to open a couple of bags of crisps and hope for the best ….)

Awwww. Child Two looked so tiny and so cute. It seems – and was – a long, long time ago. But I’m glad she’s having a gap year so will be around for a little bit longer. I’m not quite ready for it to be her pile of stuff by the front door.


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