The Joy of Socks

True Love has bought me such a lovely present. Sigh. There is no other phrase for it but the joy of socks.

Yes, six little sockies for my darling iPhone! Clever True Love, going straight for my current Achilles heel (ha – I’m continuing the sock/foot theme there, did you see?). As everyone knows, I am obsessed with my iPhone and I can now report that its bum does not look big in any of its lovely little socks. In fact, it is utterly adorable in every shade and I have hours of fun co-ordinating the socks with my outfits. Though, admittedly, they are rather teenage, loud colours, which do not tone exactly with the more muted shades of clapped-out middle-ageness, er, experience. But still. They are lovely, thank you.

And, while I’m rhapsodizing – again – about my iPhone, amongst other things, I must say the most heartfelt of thank-yous to a clever company called Griffin. They, via my lovely friend Littlemummy, have given me an AirCurve. Now, by bizarre coincidence, I was looking at an AirCurve the day before, thinking it could be just the thing for me. I wanted some sort of speaker system for my iPhone, without the actual speakers. I have always found speakers incredibly ugly. And they have wires and plugs – two more pet hates. The total joy of the AirCurve is that it works like an old-fashioned ear trumpet – its cunning swirly shapes magnify sound in the most impressive fashion. If you take the iPhone out of the AirCurve, it whispers along to itself in iPod mode in a chish-chish, not very audible fashion, like one of those annoying people on the Tube who are playing music you can only hear the worst bits of. But put the phone into the AirCurve, and suddenly you can hear everything. All without a single plug or wire. And it’s really pretty, too! Genius.

The wonderful serendipity of receiving this the day after yearning for it has almost convinced me that the Secret is finally at work. I’ve got everything a girl could ever want – plus a bunch of socks and a phone trumpet. Thank you, universe, thank you. So now it’s just a question of time before the Louis Vuitton bag gets here. I’m ready.

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