The naughty step meme

So there we were, the Liz Jarvis of Living with Kids,Karen Pasquali fromĀ TheRealMammaDiaries and I, at the Christmas in July toy fair. There were enough gorgeous, must-have toys around us to keep even the most demanding little monster darling happy. A new Disney Princess oven, featuring rubber cupcakes which rise during ‘cooking’ and can then be decorated with plastic trinkets, a Top Trumps game all the family can play without falling into a coma, lovely Toy Story 3 Duplo and novelties like plastic wood you can stick plastic nails into. Fab!

Seeing such a tantrum-inducing pile of wonders led us, naturally, to discuss the naughty step. Who would we each put on it, and why?

naughty step

My candidates, at the moment, would be the Dulwich bicycling parents. I’m not sure they’re being naughty – but they’re being provocative, like little children sticking their tongues out at the grown-ups.

Who would you pick, and why? The rules of the meme are to pick five bloggers to answer, tap them on the shoulder by letting them know they’re it in their comments, and then link back to this blog. Peasy! My five are:






Voila! Enjoy ….

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