Three Word Wednesday

This is my entry for lovely Tara’s Three Word Wednesday Gallery.

On Sunday I had a brainwave. The very big chair upstairs would look better downstairs. I was definitely right (I always am). But there was a problem. I was alone in the house. And the big chair was very big. Very, very big.

Because I was in the grip of manflu, and was slightly delirious, I decided that didn’t matter. I would just move the very big chair on my own. Down the very narrow, windy stairs. Sure, at certain points, there were spots dancing before my eyes and I did break out into a bit of an unladylike sweat. And there are drag marks right across the upstairs carpet. But all was going swimmingly until we got to the bend.

When we got to the bend, the chair and I, one of us decided to stay put.

It wasn’t me.

I had visions of everyone coming back and laughing at my ridiculousness. How could I think I could shift that enormous chair on my own? Down those narrow, windy stairs?

I sat down and had a little think. Was it even possible to push the chair back up again, so I could pretend I’d never had the mad idea in the first place? Probably not, and besides, I didn’t want to abandon my project, deranged though it might well be. I would simply have to go on. I shoved again, and at last the chair gave a little. There was hope.

That made me more determined. And possibly more feverish. If it moved a little, it would definitely move more. Probably.

Suffice to say, the chair was eventually shifted. And the stairs haven’t suffered. Nobody ever looks at the walls on the stairs anyway. And after a little lie down with a wet flannel on my fevered brow, I was fine too.

So, though the chair, at various points, was saying ‘Don’t Move Me’ and ‘I Am Stuck’, in fact, what the whole exploit said to me in the end was ‘Yes, You Can’ and ‘Go For It.’ Though probably you’d be wiser not to Try At Home.

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