Trouble in Paradise

We are having the time of our lives  in Barbados – seeing the wild shores of Bathsheba, rummaging through the hot shops of Bridgetown, eating snapper, mahi-mahi and breadfruit every night as the ocean laps behind us. 

There is just one leeetle tiny problem ….. somewhere, thousands of miles away in Europe, there is some volcano no-one had ever heard of before, belching a big cloud of dust. And that means our flight home has been cancelled.


Mind you, that means I miss work, the girls miss school, plays, dancing exams and all manner of stuff which seems essential if you’re not lying on a beach idly watching the patterns cast on the sand by palm trees.

We do have a provisional flight back booked. We may be on it. It all depends on that cloud of dust somewhere in Europe.   

Let’s hope it doesn’t get windy.

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