Turning a corner

I think I may have turned a corner. Someone from a glossy magazine asked me to write about divorce the other day – offering genuine money and everything – and I’ve decided not to. I feel as though I’ve been there, done that, picked the cotton, combed it, carded it, woven it, printed the logo and pretty much hand-sewn that T shirt. And, like any garment you’ve had too much of, I really can’t bear the sight of it any more.

I started my blog in the hope that my whingeings about the horrors of divorce might make others going through the same experience feel less alone, or at least put off the undecided from venturing into the choppy waters of separation. But the truth is that people will do what they do regardless of what I might ramble about.


So I might as well write about more cheerful stuff, particularly on a day when London has – gasp – sun! Or I could actually get out into the sun and enjoy it. Which is what I’m going to do. Hope you have a lovely day, too, my dears.

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