What I see

You’ve probably heard of the What I See project, which has been running for five weeks now and has been featured on R4’s Woman’s Hour. It’s asking women from all walks of life, from all over the world, to tell the world what they see in the mirror, so that others can look through their eyes. If you have a look at the website, you’ll see some fascinating videos.

I felt very privileged when I was asked to take part. Click on the link to see my little bit, or watch the fab campaign video:

Loads of luminaries have been asked to contribute and there is little old me, nestling among them. I thought I’d been rather original, saying that I saw the continuity of generations in my own face, but it turns out that’s a pretty universal feeling. Oh well, at least I’m reassuringly normal!

Do pop over and have a look – it’s a fascinating window on women’s lives. The idea is to empower, and I’m sure it will, but I feel it’s a bit like Hitchcock’s Rear Window in the way that it lets you snatch a tiny glance at other people’s lives – without the murder, of course!

You still have time to get involved – why not tell us all how the world looks from your angle?

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