Where dreams come true

Gosh, I think the universe must have been listening when I was moaning on last week about running away to Canada. No sooner did I finish my whinge than a lovely email pinged into my inbox – inviting me to New York! Yes, my adorable Disney friends have asked me to pop along to the Christening of the Disney Fantasy cruise ship which, I think, is going to bob around the Statue of Liberty patiently while I sample its brand-new spa facilities and test the barman’s mojito-making skills to the max. How lucky am I? And, wait for it, there are also built-in shopping opportunities and the hotel is 11 minutes’ walk from Barneys!!! Even my credit card is getting excited. Or possibly scared. I must ring the bank to warn them – a friend who went to New York on business recently found his fun interrupted when his bank pulled the plug, assuming his card had been stolen.

There is a downside – everyone else thinks they should be coming too. Child One and Child Two are muttering about the total and utter unfairness of life, the cats are barely speaking to me, and a friend sniffed last night, ‘well, I suppose you’ll be staying at an incredibly swanky hotel and eating at Balthazar.’ Well, yes, and yes. And I’m going to see Mary Poppins on Broadway, and have champagne and fireworks, and Asian fusion cuisine and ……

But I’ll send you a postcard, really I will.



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