Month: June 2009

London mourns MJ

Check out London commuters mourning Michael Jackson in their own special way: In fact, this was shot to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Thriller, but it seems appropriate today. I lifted the link from fellow tweeter @jackschofield, thank you! I love the fact that no-one, but no-one stares as the dancers get wilder and …

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Cheering up

Feeling a little better, due to three factors: 1. This amazing Jackson Pollock widget (see righthand side of blog, underneath ‘subscribe to DD’). All you do is let your cursor lead you a merry dance. Every time you click, the colour of the trail will change. And all the colours co-ordinate with each other! It’s …

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Guilt tripping

Huge hoo-ha about working and non-working mothers over at Alphamummy, with the slightly peculiar notion that those of us who aren’t in the office 24/7 are living lives of gin-soaked misery. Potty Mummy and English Mum have written excellently on the whole issue, so I won’t rehash it all, except to say I think it’s …

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A Lidl Bit Spoilt

All right, I admit that, ever since my return from my Disney exploits (and I promise I’m not going to tell you more about them, really!) I’ve been just a tiny bit spoilt. I’ve now just about given up expecting a buffet breakfast to be set before me when I totter downstairs of a morning, …

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Never too early to start ….

This is a simple ahhh, or perhaps OMG! moment, courtesy of my lovely friend C, who lives Abroad and whom we all miss a lot ….just click on the link: Dulwich Divorcee

A moo approach

IT strikes me that perhaps I have taken a slightly ‘glass half empty’ approach to the cow pictures I showed you over the weekend. It’s true that the cow looks like a bit of a sitting duck, to use a worrying cross-species metaphor, as she waits patiently with her poor head stuck under the fence. …

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