Month: April 2010

Home from the holidays

Well, we’re back. I can’t pretend we’ve suffered terribly as ash refugees. I’ve just been looking at those pictures of poor people sleeping on the floor of Bangkok airport ( I hope they had some Cillit Bang to give the place a good going over before lying down) and I had loads of texts and …

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Trouble in Paradise

We are having the time of our lives  in Barbados – seeing the wild shores of Bathsheba, rummaging through the hot shops of Bridgetown, eating snapper, mahi-mahi and breadfruit every night as the ocean laps behind us.  There is just one leeetle tiny problem ….. somewhere, thousands of miles away in Europe, there is some volcano …

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Happy Holidays!

Well, my dears, I’m off to sun myself for a while, or at least to drench myself in factor 50 in the shade while the children frolic. Back in ten days. I’m missing you already …..have fun too! DDxx

Happy Easter

I got home all fired up to take a picture of our Easter tree to show you. This is a little ritual we adopted while living in Belgium. Basically, you take any old twiggy branch, and festoon it with lots of fluffy day-glo chickies and eggies and Eastery bits. When we first arrived back in …

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