Happy Easter

I got home all fired up to take a picture of our Easter tree to show you. This is a little ritual we adopted while living in Belgium. Basically, you take any old twiggy branch, and festoon it with lots of fluffy day-glo chickies and eggies and Eastery bits. When we first arrived back in the UK four years ago, we were the only people who seemed to do this, but now I notice loads of the shops feature Easter trees – a good thing as it does inject a bit of colour into the home, which has been sorely needed as Dulwich has been lashed by the current joke Spring. I had to scrape ice off my windscreen this morning, tsk. Of course, the rest of the country was knee-deep in snow ……but still, as you know, we soft Southerners can’t cope with hardship – particularly me.

Anyway, in I bounced after work, and was all set to take my usual wobbly, out of focus snap, when the divine Mme Bovary jumped up on the work surface (a big no-no for we OCD types) and took a big swipe at one of the luscious dangling chickies with her naughty little paw. Of course, the whole lot was over before you could say ‘blimmin blimmin cat,’ which I did, repeatedly.


A hasty reconstruction later and, voila, I bring you our Easter tree. It’s only slightly rumpled by its brush with the puddytat. And luckily the out of focusness blurs that nicely.

Happy Easter to you all! X

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