Month: January 2012

Swedes not so sweet

I’m a bit shocked this morning. I’m having an ongoing cyber-row with a Swedish lady I’ve never even met. And it’s getting quite nasty. It’s all because I’ve developed a new hobby, buying our favourite china, Ostindia by Rorstrand, on eBay. Ostindia is a pretty Swedish blue and white floral patterned dinner service, with a …

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Everything must go

I’ve got that restless, rootless feeling. There are loads of things that need doing in the house – including a major revamp of the central heating – but I can’t muster up the botheration to get it all moving, even though the bathwater is tepid every morning and the girls’ radiators are covered with ice. …

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Car trouble?

And another in my series of dodgy car number plates snapped badly with my iPhone while I’m on the school run. I wonder what this lady driver’s friends say to her when she asks:”does my bum look fat in this?”  

Fringe benefits?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fringe. And it’s always been a pain. Every time I see a photo of myself, I grind my teeth thinking, ‘that fringe is too long/short/tufty/a total mess.’ I’ve tried different partings, made trickier by the fact that I have a double crown so that my …

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Never knowingly overpraised

I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard Nick Clegg, or ‘the Cleggster’ as I now think of him after reading the Guardian’s Westminster Digested column, beseeching British business to copy John Lewis. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t just adore John Lewis? First it was the huggable Christmas ad, flying in the face …

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I had a dream ….. unfortunately it wasn’t about racial harmony, a solution to the economic crisis, world peace, or, well, anything remotely serious at all. Of course not. I’m deeply shallow. It was about pets. The star of my subconscious show was a rabbit.¬†Well, two rabbits, actually. Child Two, who has always been mad …

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Just forty winks …..

Gosh, I am sooooo tired these days. I don’t know whether it’s staggering out of bed in the dark, the longer school run, the sheer hellish shock of getting up early again after nearly three weeks of lolling about over Christmas, but my eyelids are permanently heavy. When I’m not actually yawning my head off, …

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