Month: March 2017

Love to London

I had lots of ideas for posts this week but there’s only one thing on my mind now – my lovely London.                                  Politicians are going to urge us to stay strong and carry on – and we have no …

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Emma Hamilton – Seduction and Celebrity

There’s something hugely beguiling about the Greenwich Maritime Museum’s exhibition on Emma Hamilton, Seduction and Celebrity – appropriately enough, as Emma herself seemed to inveigle her way into hearts and minds with ease. In a way, hers is the Cinderella story we all yearn for – a penniless servant, seduced by her master’s son, falls …

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Vanessa Bell

Popped over to see the new Vanessa Bell exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery last weekend – don’t tell a soul but it was essential research for my new whodunnit – and was rather blown away by her work. I didn’t know much about her, except the obvious – Virginia Woolf’s sister, member of the …

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