Crisis of conscience

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I’ve been having a bit of crisis of conscience lately. As you’ll know if you’ve popped in before, I don’t often do sponsored posts, mostly because I think they’re a bit boring for you. If they’re run over a number of other blogs as well, you can find yourself visiting quite a few cyberchums, only to find they’re all yammering on about the same old stuff. Not great.

andrex puppy

On the other hand, a little job that I’ve been doing for a couple of days a week has just run out of steam. The company doesn’t have the budget to keep paying me – even the (let’s speak frankly) pittance I’ve been earning is out of the question.

That leaves me in a bit of a quandary. So I thought I’d experiment. There are things we all need. There are things we all use. And there are things we all probably think are a good idea. So I’ve decided that, if I’m lucky enough to be asked to write about stuff that is up these three streets, then from time to time I’ll say yes.

Now loo paper is a case in point. Prepare for an overshare:  if, like me, you’ve had two episiotomies, then the quality of loo paper is important.  If you have to ask what an episiotomy is, then you’re either very lucky – or a man.

This is a long-winded way of saying, hurrah for Andrex. They’ve got a competition going, as part of their Soft, Strong and Long campaign and this time you don’t actually even have to buy any loo paper to have a go. Just look at the Andrex puppy’s Facebook page (I know, I know, please don’t tell my cat Mme Bovary – she’s already terribly jealous of US feline star @sockington and is demanding her own iPaw) and have a go.

Have a pull on the Pup-o-matic for a chance to win one of thirty top prizes every day for 21 days with a total value of over £20,000.

There are loads of prizes, from a Sony Cybershot Digital camera to gift vouchers for all your favourite stores (all chosen by the Facebook fans), as well as many smaller things like money-off coupons and Andrex Puppy goodies.

Have a go – I hope you win something nice!

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