A bit of a Moment

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All that lovely hotness yesterday, when London melted and languished and fanned itself on the hottest day of the year, reminded me of a lovely day out I had right at the beginning of the summer, courtesy of those darling folk at Special K.

The reason it felt the same was because I had a lovely hot stone massage at Champneys in Tring, a veritable palace of pampering, all the better to take in the news about Special K’s new Biscuit Moments. To be honest, I’m not at my best when hot – I tend to flop out like a daisy that’s not been watered in a while – but of course I was concentrating very hard on the whole concept of Biscuit Moments.

They are basically the new weapon in Special K’s armoury against the evils of overdoing it. Each pack of two biscuits contains only 99 calories, and very delicious ones at that, and the theory is that you couldn’t possibly want more. Having tasted them, I agree. These could easily take the  place of the half-packet of chocolate digestives that absent-mindedly gets hoovered up, mid-afternoon, while cups of tea are being drunk. Not by me, obviously. And especially not now I’ve been gently introduced to the Biscuit Moment concept by the lovely Special K ladies, while enjoying a fab catch-up with my lovely bloggy friends, English Mum and Exmoor Jane.

Anyway, there are truly few things more gorgeous than my lovely Elemis hot stone massage, which made me feel quite boneless. Too weak, even, to reach for a biscuit. Hmmm, I foresee a chain of Special K spas, massaging people out of their cravings, then allowing them a Biscuit Moment. When it comes to pass, I’m definitely volunteering to test it. Unfortunately, all my BM samples are long gone – the children scarfed them down the next day en route for the airport.

Mmmm Biscuit Moments


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