Ad break

Am I the only person to find the current Muller yoghurt TV and radio ads quite disturbing? I’m fine about them all licking the lid of life, in fact I rather like the gusto, even though it might be a bit insanitary (we in swine flu afflicted Dulwich are very concerned with hygiene at the moment and actually, if you’re coughing or have the least bit of temperature, could you please wash your hands before touching this blog, please? Thanks). Yes, it’s all very well, but does that lady really have to keep singing, ‘I’ve got my cherry’? There could easily be children listening. And, ahem, should she really be that happy about it?

While I’m in advertising mode, a little not-quite-ad for Sainsbury’s. In the Sydenham branch the other day I got carried away into ‘trying something different today.’ Yes, it happens to the best of us – the slogans worm their way into your brain and, before you know it, you’ve put two lots of Southern fried chicken into your basket for a fiver. I served them up to the treasures today, only for Child One to spit out a great mouthful. ‘Arggg!’ she said for a few minutes. When she could speak again, she said, ‘Mummy, is this chicken supposed to hurt?’ Once I’d taken a mouthful myself, then found a tissue and got a glass of water, I said to her in a hoarse whisper, ‘nonsense, darling, it’s delicious.’ But seriously, Mr Sainsbury, is this a joke? I checked the ingredients and there was no mention of chili, but that chicken is seriously hot. And not altogether in a good way.

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