All clued up

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Well, today’s offering is proof that you can take a child to a lovely new toy, but you can’t necessarily get it to play properly. The fab folk at Gala Bingo recently sent me a huge box of Sherlock Holmes-themed goodies to celebrate their new Sheerluck Holmes game (see what they’re doing there?).

It was a sumptuous box including both of the recent BAFTA-winning, Cumberbatch-launching blockbuster series, Sherlock, plus the two movies starring Robert Downey Jnr and Jude Law. AND there was a new Sherlock-inspired version of the game, Cluedo, which we all love. AAAAND a huge tub of popcorn. AAANNND a Sherlock Holmes disguise, featuring deerstalker, magnifying glass and a very impressive pipe.

But could I get the kids to watch the films, eat the popcorn, wear the hat and generally disport themselves in the correct manner? Reader, I could not. We played Cluedo, but we had to get the traditional Colonel Mustard figures out of the old set because no one took to the cryptic plastic question marks of the new version. TL and I stashed the DVDs away as they were a bit too old for our smallies. The popcorn got thrown around quite a bit before it was eaten (I declined). And as for the Sherlock disguise. Well, here it is:


Where’s Sherlock? The teapot seems to have found a clue ….

And here it is again:


This villain seems a bit fruity to me .....

Sigh. Not quite the civilised evening I’d intended. But we did solve the mystery of what constitutes a brilliant time for six and eight year olds. Elementary, my dear Sherlock.

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